Saturday, May 16, 2015

Old Sanderson roses

Just listed at Vintage lifestyle is this wonderful curtain made from vintage Sanderson fabric


......adorned with richly coloured roses and a charming trellis effect made up of leaves and pretty flowers on a natural coloured background.

And if that were not enough to tempt you, what if I include a photo of my photography and styling assistant? 

She is a lover of all things vintage and goes wherever the roses go.

Stop by now...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just the right vintage fabric...

Awhile back we were lucky enough to obtain numerous pieces of truly beautiful 1930's decorative furniture with  professionally hand painted floral sprays and bouquets, delicate rose buds and luxurious pink roses.

One of the pieces was a small dressing table and matching seat/stool. The previous owner had added a pair of modern curtains to the "curtain track". Unfortunately they could not do justice to the beauty of dressing table so we removed them, planning to replace them with something more in keeping with the style and age of the set.

Finding just the right vintage fabric was not easy but eventually we did come across the charming old Sanderson design which ticked all the boxes!

It has a soft, pale pistachio green and white striped background with graceful sprays of pretty foliage, pink roses and small yellow and pale pink flowers.

The colours in the fabric work perfectly with the dressing table colours and flowers.

I made a pair of curtains just the right width to add the required fullness and allow the owner to close the curtains when the drawers are not in use. 

A "rufflette" was painstakingly sewn, gathered and attached to cover the "curtain track" even when the curtains are open- just as it would have been originally.

I think you will agree that the result is very pleasing indeed!

Stop by Vintage Lifestyle to see this rare set and more like it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer photo shoot...

The last of the Summer days in the garden provided me with a pretty spot and nice light to take some photos of several items we recently added to the website.

It's always fun bringing out some of the pretty pieces for table photo....

        I loved using some of the gorgeous green glass vintage pieces (available on the website!)  with the recently acquired Primrose tea set.

The green glass pieces complimented the fresh yellow of the Primroses and the green banding and foliage on the tea set pieces perfectly...


 And then I added in the elegant and oh so decorative antique silver plate William Briggs and Co. cutlery....

The combination made for some very pretty photos!

Stop by to see the other beautiful vintage and antique goods recently added at

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back in action...

The Vintage Lifestyle Summer Sale in back on!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Oh Dear - we've had a glitch with the discount code for our Summer Sale! We are working on correcting the problem as quickly as we can.

 In the mean time, we would like to tempt you back by raising the discount to 20% as an apology for any disappointment caused. 

When the sale is back online and ready to go, all items in the Summer Sale will be reduced by 20%. 

So, it's back to the starting gates for lovers of all things vintage and prepare for lots of shopping!

 Don't forget, if you would like to be notified of the sale and are not already signed up for our newsletter, you can leave a reply in the comment section of this blog with your email address and request to join or use the sign up box at the bottom of our Feedback page.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The rumours are true...

...Vintage Lifestyle IS having a sale!

We have created a special category for our "Summer Sale" and filled it to the brim with all manner of beautiful and fun vintage goods.

No matter how much or how little you spend on the Summer Sale items, you will receive a 15% discount off the purchase price.

All you need to do is enter code SS1 in the promotion box at the checkout and your discount will automatically be deducted (which is great if you are particularly horrid at math!) .

Multiple purchases always benefit from lower postage costs due to combined postage so splash out and make the most of the sale!

This could be YOUR postman, bringing you all sorts of exciting packages from Vintage Lifestyle!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stop by Vintage Lifestyle before your favourite items ends up in someone else's vintage home...


Lots of lovely "new" arrivals at Vintage Lifestyle today-

Here is just a sample of our vintage delights....

 Rare American refrigerator pitcher

Gorgeous curvy enamel pitcher with "Spring green" edge and handle

Lilac coloured country kitchen chair
Exceptionally lovely Victorian religious print

Large decorative frame

Adorable embroidery on linen

Visit our "New Arrivals" to see what else is available!

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